Training and Certification for the Individual

Get the training, insight and credibility you need to more effectively detect and deter bypass and SIMBox Fraud.

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Workshops at Your Location

Truly effective Bypass Fraud prevention and detection requires teamwork and cooperation. Our onsite workshop events make it possible for your team take control of Bypass Fraud Issues now!

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Review & Audit
of Your Environment

Exhaustive evaluation of your Bypass & Simbox fraud detection and prevention techniques. Do you want an independent, industry standards-based review of your systems and team? Trouble with vendors? Need an outside, expert opinion? Our Audit and Evaluation Services can help . . .

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The Telecom Fraud Academy offers certification training focused on the specific needs of telecoms fraud professionals. Specifically, Fraud Management System (FMS) Analysts, Fraud Investigators, Internal Auditors, Network Security, IT Security, Business Intelligence Analysts, or Fraud Teams.

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Rob Mattison

GRAPA President

Rob Mattison, the world renowned expert in telecommunications, is the lead instructor for all courses. Rob is a Certified Telco Fraud Officer (TFO) and a Certified Master of Revenue Assurance Management (CM-RAM).

Rob is the author of The Telco Revenue Assurance Handbook, which has become the authoritative guide for revenue assurance managers at telecom firms around the world. He is also President of the Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association (GRAPA). Rob shares the global practices he has found with students who benefit from his vast 30+ years of first-hand experience.

Louis Kohr

GRAPA Executive Project Manager

A key member of GRAPA’s executive team, Louis Khor is the Lead Project Manager for GRAPA’s Proof of Principal Partnerships, where industry standard practices in Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance are implemented in real-world operational environments.

Louis assists Managers and Executives, tasking partner team members on the practical work of mapping, calibration, contracting and compliance of fraud forensic controls throughout the telecoms environment as part of the ongoing standards verification process.